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Urban Experience

Planning, development and housing issues in the Greater Toronto Area

By Stefan Dubowski

I live in the Greater Toronto Area, the GTA, a region known for clogged highways, long commutes, and for acting sort of like a black hole, pulling everything in, devouring. But the GTA is also known as a vibrant place, home to artists and corporations, activists and politicians alike, parks and busy streets, lakefronts and pavement. The region strives for balance between its disparate communities, even between the urban core of Toronto itself and its satellite cities. This site will explore the push and pull of the GTA's development, cataloguing the suburbs' plight to shine even in the shadow of Hogtown, as well as the city's struggle with homelessness and the lack of affordable housing. Every once in a while you will find here an article concerning one issue or another, be it a town's attempt to break free of the bedroom community curse, or a tenant's fight for fair treatment from a landlord. If you're looking for insightful snapshots of this our home, watch this space.

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Feb. 28, 2005 Building a political lightning rod for T.O.
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